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Single/EP/Album production

£Varies - get in touch to discuss your project.

I will work with you to produce a piece of recorded work of outstanding quality. This service involves pre-production, principle recording session(s), overdub/extra instrumentation recording, mixing and, if required, mastering.

Pre-production involves a discussion with the artist, elucidating the range of options for how to proceed (as always prioritising convenience for the artist) and may include visits to practice sessions or recording of simple practice room demos of the material.

I can be as hands-on in terms of direct involvement with the production as you like - I am happy to offer suggestions as to how to maximise the potential of the material, or if you already have a clear idea of what you require, I am just as happy to let you lead the way - the good of the recording is always the goal. I also have plenty of local contacts, and can recommend a range of talented musicians to augment your sound should your project require it.

While I primarily work out of and recommend The Wel (particularly for tracking drums/bass), the location for the recording session(s) is really up to the artist, so if you have a particular space in mind, I am happy to come to you. Overdubs and vocals can often be recorded anywhere (eg. in a flat), so again, I will work wherever is most comfortable and convenient for you. I am happy to make recommendations if required, please just ask.

Should you be unhappy with the mix, or otherwise require changes, minor or major, these will be accommodated at no extra cost. Getting it just right is part of the job!

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